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Rental Service

Welcome to Haohaoguo – Your Trusted Property Partner in Singapore

Haohaoguo Realty is dedicated to providing high-quality in the service of rental properties and tenant placement. Whether you are looking for the perfect rental property or seeking reliable tenants, our professional, fast, and efficient services are designed to meet your needs

Rental Service for Property Owners

Rental ServicesInformation
Property ConsultationProvide up-to-date market insights and rental evaluations to set competitive prices.
Property Promotion & ListingPromote and list your property through multiple channels to maximize exposure and rental success.
Tenant ScreeningConduct thorough tenant screenings to ensure reliable and trustworthy tenants.
Contract SigningAssist with drafting and signing rental agreements to protect both parties' interests.
Rent CollectionOffer rent collection and management services to ensure timely payments.

Rental Service for Tenants

Tenant PlacementInformation
Property SelectionOffer a wide range of rental properties, including apartments, villas, and offices.
Personalized RecommendationsTailor property recommendations based on client needs and budget.
Viewing ArrangementsSchedule convenient property viewings for clients.
Contract AssistanceProvide contract signing and legal advisory services to ensure compliance.

Why Choose Rental Services from Haohaoguo?

Extensive Rental Listings
We offer a wide range of properties in prime locations in Singapore, from luxurious condominiums and serviced apartments to spacious landed houses and commercial spaces.

Personalized Service
We understand your unique needs and preferences, providing customized property options that fit your lifestyle and requirements.

Hassle-Free Process
We arrange property viewings at your convenience, ensuring you can explore options comfortably. We also will  handle all aspects of the rental process, making it seamless and stress-free.


4 Easy Steps to Rent Your Properties with Haohaoguo

Steps to Rent Property with Haohaoguo

Notes on Rental Properties


  • Flat Owners MUST BE Singaporean Citizen
  • Singapore Permanent Residents ARE NOT ALLOWED to rent out their properties

Minimum Occupation Period

  • New/resale flat from HDB with a housing grant from CPF:  at least 5 years.
  • For resale flats bought before 30 Aug 2010, the minimum is 3 years.

Rent Out Your Bedrooms Only

  • Only a 3-room or langer HDB flat can be rented out.

Non-Citizen Quota

  • Doesn’t apply to the renting out of bedrooms only. 
  • Non-Malaysian NCs is subject to the NC Rent Out Quota
  • set at 8% at the neighbourhood
  • at 11% at block level 

Rental Duration

  • Minimum 6 months for each application
  • Maximum 3 years for each application

Maximum Numbers of Tenants

  • 1 Room  : 4 persons
  • 2 Room : 4 persons
  • 3 Room : 6 Persons
  • 4 Room : 6 Persons
  • 5 Room : 6 Persons
  • Executive : 6 Persons
  • For the renting bedroom only includes the owners and other occupiers and tenants

Request a help to rent property or rent out your property?

Haohaoguo will help you to rent or rent out your properties.

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