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Commercial Property

Welcome to Haohaoguo – Your Trusted Property Partner in Singapore

We are committed to helping businesses find the ideal commercial space to thrive in Singapore’s dynamic market.

Whether you are looking for an office, retail unit, or industrial space, our team is here to guide you through every step of the leasing process. Don’t hesitate to reach us for your bussiness.

Commercial Properties

Commercial Property ServicesInformation
Office SpacesDiscover office spaces in central business districts and other strategic locations.
Retail UnitsFind retail spaces that can be tailored to your specific business requirements.
Industrial PropertiesChoose from a range of properties designed to support your industrial operations.
Contract SigningAssist with drafting and signing rental agreements to protect both parties' interests.
Flexible Leasing OptionsTailor the lease terms to fit your specific business needs and preferences.

Why Choose Haohaogo for Commercial Property?

Extensive Commercial Property Listings
We provide prime office spaces and retail units to well-connected industrial properties, our extensive listings cater to all your business needs.

Expert Guidance
Our experienced agents provide insightful advice and personalized recommendations tailored to your business requirements.

Efficient and Comprehesive Support
From property viewings to lease negotiations and final agreements, we streamline the leasing process for a hassle-free experience. We assist with legal, financial, and administrative aspects, ensuring a smooth and successful leasing experience.

4 Easy Steps to Commercials with Haohaoguo

Commercial Property Steps

Notes on Commercial Property


  • The commercial property market is open and accessible to foreigners. There are no existing restrictions on purchasing various types of commercial properties.

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